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Russ (bass)

Once upon a funky bassline, in the groovy land of the Bay Area, a legendary rocker was born. This musical maestro knew how to make hearts thump and hips sway, all with the power of his bass guitar.

From the tender age of 14, Russ embarked on a journey of sonic bliss, slapping those strings and plucking his way through countless original and cover bands. With his nimble fingers and rhythmic prowess, he effortlessly transported audiences to a rock 'n' roll paradise.

Rock Band

Warning: Don't feed the bass player!

But life had its way of throwing some surprises, and Russ took a short break to embark on the adventure of raising his little rockstar of a son. However, the music bug never truly left his veins. He hummed melodies while changing diapers and found rhythm in bedtime stories.

Once the mini-rockstar was ready to conquer the world, Russ emerged from his dad-rock cocoon, armed with even more energy and passion. Armed with his 5-string bass, he rejoined the music scene with a newfound determination, forming the Wandering Acoustics with his wife Sonia.

As the bassist for the Wandering Acoustics, Russ provides a solid groove, embellished with a melodic sensibility best described as a cross between James Jamerson and Paul McCartney, delivering pulsating beats that awaken the very essence of the genre.


Russ puts the "wandering" in Wandering Acoustics!

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